"Education is Simply the Soul of a Society..."

"Education is Simply the Soul of a Society..."


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Our Mission

"Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another." 

-Gilbert K. Chesterton

The ultimate mission of Generational Academy is to increase student achievement by bridging the gap between school and home environment.

Generational Academy's goals are to provide opportunities for parents in finding solutions so that they can prepare themselves and their children for College & Career Readiness. 


Our Focus

Generational Academy is an informational academy for parents who desire to change their life and children's lives through educational achievement and financial literacy. 

  The home and school are usually where student achievement and success will occur.  We are dedicated in supporting families  and school districts with  increasing educational achievement so that the next generation can succeed.


Our Upcoming Programs

Parents for College and Career Readiness Membership (PCCR)

Provide a support and practical online coaching/membership program to help parents stay on track with student achievement.

Generational  Financial Planning Program (GFP).

Provide seminars and consultation services on life insurance and retirement planning that will provide financial protection for families and future generations. Also we offer a very special retirement financial planning program for our teachers at www.generationalacademy4teachers.com

The Elizabeth Alexandria Parents Returning Back to School Program (RBSP) &  GED Team.

Help parents to navigate information on how to transition back to school and obtain their GED, Associate Degree,  or enroll into other adult continuing education programs and join our exclusive GED Parent Team.

Parental Engagement Title I Workshops for school districts(PE).

Our Parental Engagement Title I workshops are designed to help parents transform their home environment into a 21st Century Learning Haven and to bridge the gap between home and school.

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